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1st County Assembly: 10th Session


Hon. Tom O Oluoch
Hon. Enock M Mwadziwe
Vice Chairperson


The committee shall scrutinize the resolutions of the County Assembly (including adopted committee reports), petitions and the undertaking given by the County Executive Committee and examine- whether or not such decisions and undertakings have been implemented and where implemented, the extent to which they have been implemented; and whether such implementation has taken place within the minimum time necessary.

Committee Members

Hon. Nasser Rashid
Hon. Murfad A Amur
Hon. Suleiman O Boma
Hon. Dancun O Onyango
Hon. Kibwana S Baya
Hon. Jimmy K Odari
Hon. Stephen E Wangudi
Hon. Paul O Onje
Hon. Mohamed Hatimy
Hon. Zainab S Ali
Hon. Saada R Hamisi