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1st County Assembly: 10th Session

County Delegated Legistlation

County Delegated Legistlation
Hon. Paul O Onje
County Delegated Legistlation
Hon. Kizito O Opeya
Vice Chairperson


The committee shall consider in respect of any statutory whether instrument it is in accord with the provision of the constitution, the act of pursuant to which it is made or other relevant written law. Infringes on fundamental rights and freedom of the public.

Committee Members

Hon. Serah Nyamvula
Hon. Jabess O Mdhai
Hon. Patrick P S Muriuki
Hon. Hamisi M Mwidani
Hon. Abdalla M Kasangamba
Hon. Mohamed N Chiro
Hon. Amina Zuberi
Hon. Maimuna C M Mwamassa
Hon. Zeinab O Mumba
Hon. Asha H Mohamed
Hon. Fatma Mote
Hon. Priscilla Mumba
Hon. Saada Rajab